Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tsutenkaku and Kushikatsu

Visited this place 3 years ago and was really happy to be back here, especially when Tsutenkaku is celebrating it's 60th anniversary!

When in this area, a kushikatsu lunch is a must!!! We went to this small restaurant that had some private seating space on the second floor.

We each ordered a cocktail and a whole bunch of kushikatsu to be shared among us. We got like bacon with enoki, renkon, uzura tamago, nasu, shiitake, hotate, buta niku, kabocha and chicken. Love them, they were all fried nicely and the when dipped with just the right amount of sauce, it's delicious!

Our seafood salad that was topped with loads of salmon and tako.

A group picture~

While the rest of the girls were exploring Tsutenkaku Tower, Amanda and I just said in the restaurant to chit-chat~

While we were waiting for the others below Tsutenkaku, I spotted this and just felt the sudden urge to take picture with it ahahaha.,....

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