Friday, February 17, 2017

Eating Japan - Snack series 10

1. StyleONE kaisen mirin age

Kinda reminds me of a kinds of Malaysian keropok. The chips are sightly sticky and sweet on the outside. Yummy~

2. Royal Beauty Kiregummy

The packaging definitely looks a lot better than the actual taste of the gummies. Won't be buying a second pack.

3. Pure gummy - Juicy grape gummy

Love the texture of these gummies. Plus they're sugar coated so you get that extra 'crunch'. If that's not good enough, they're packed with collagen and Vitamin C! 

4. Fujiya home pie in butter and chocolate flavour

I really enjoy the texture of this, as I've mentioned before. I purchased their normal one previously and this time I bought their Halloween edition that came in chocolate flavour too and I like it more than the butter one.

5. Umaibo mentai flavour

You can never go wrong with mentai flavour~! When in doubt, just grab it!

6. QBB baby cheese in black pepper

Don't underestimate this! It's packed with black pepper and is very flavourful! 

7. BAKE chocolat fondue au

While this is good, it wasn't as melty in the centre as I thought it would be.

8. Hachimitsu to Karin nodokan

This one here uses black sugar from Okinawa and it is delicious~

9. galbo hokkori maron

Really enjoy these chestnut flavoured mini galbo. Super good~

10. Pure collagen 4500mg for inner support

As I said before above, I love the texture of gummies from pure. The best part of all is that they're packed with collagen. So you get to enjoy gummy and be healthy!

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