Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Japan -Beauty series 5

1. Kate CC lipcream in Mode Pink

I bought this in Autumn because I needed something to keep my lips from cracking as the weather was getting colder.

This lip cream was amazing. The pink colour is beautiful and is totally me! I wear it everyday to work and I don't even need to add any lipstick over it. Plus the colour stays on till you eat something and wipe your lips.

2. Mercury Duo Nail polish

This set here is part of a free gift from a japanese magazine. I bought the magazine just for this set because the colours are so pretty!

I love the colours and the consistency of the nail polishes.

3. Platinum Label Hatomugi Extract

I buy this toner here over and over again because it's such a good product. I use it on both my face ad body. It's especially good during summer when you want to moisturize your skin but don't want to use a body cream as it might be sticky.

4. Aeon Topvalu Manuka Honey body soap

Love the smell and how the product lathers in the shower. Plus it's cheap!

5. Media UV whitening compact powder

I don't know how many Media compact power have I used. I just keep going back to them everytime I run out. I like that they have it in my skin colour and there's a slightly different one for different seasons. e.g. whitening for summer and moisturising for winter.

6. Dodo colour point mascara

I bought these mascara before Halloween because I thought that these might come in handy if I do go for any Halloween events....which I didn't! hahaha.....except for a school event.

I used them only twice, once to Disneyland and the other to USJ. I use the blue one on my upper lashes and the pink one on my lower lashes. While I might sound weird, this combination is perfect for me! It really makes my eye pop! Plus the mascara curls and hold the lashes up nicely the entire day.

7. IRIS heatpacks

While this is not a beauty product, this is an absolutely must have for winter. Just stick them onto your shirt and they can keep you warm for up to 12 hours! Good for days when you will spend most of your time outdoors.

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