Friday, February 24, 2017

Konakara (こなから 新丸ビル店) & Aoyama Itchome autumn leaves

Lunch date with A san at Konakara, which is a restaurant that specialises in oden in Shin-maru building (こなから 新丸ビル店).

They have this grand set up in the centre.

I ordered their lunch set that came with 4 oden of choice and chicken soboro gohan.

While the daikon was delicious, I made a mistake by ordering the wrong chikuwa. I wanted the yaki chikuwa and not this soft non-chewy one. I have another seafood ball behind the daikon which was also soft and non-chewy.....not exactly a texture that I like.

My last one is this really dense dango which tasted like there's pumpkin in it.

The rice, which I though was the only other delicious item.

My pretty lunch partner

Overall, I prefer the oden at Oden Kashimin (おでん かしみん) at Marunouchi Iiyo that I visited a few months back. (

Spotted this Xmas trees after lunch

As the weather was lovely that day, I decided to head over to Aoyama Itchome to catch the beautiful yellow leaves from the ginko trees there.

There were sooo many people there as it was a Sunday

So glad I made the trip because the view was absolutely breathtaking.

Yup, one day, I shall return with a special someone.

Even the fallen leaves look beautiful

A super long queue in front of the Shake Shack

After that, I took the train to Yoyogi and managed to catch some Autumn leaves there too :D

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