Thursday, February 16, 2017

Maison Kayser Paris & 町村農場丸の内店 (Machimura Farm)

We were excited to grab some cakes at Maison Kayser Paris, Marunouchi but we met with disappointments from the bad service. 

We opted to dine in and it took forever for us to get some service. We were seated for a long time, no one came to ask us what cakes we wanted and no one served us table water. They should at least brief us on what's the standard protocol for service there!

So I just walked up to the counter to order some cakes!

The cakes were just ok. Nothing to shout about. We seriously couldn't understand the reason for the bad service or lack of service at this place!

After that, we tried to walk off the calories around Marunouchi area and walked into 町村農場丸の内店 (Machimura Farm)  where Mish and Moon increased their calorie intake with some very yummy milk products.

Moon opted for a sundae and Mish for a yoghurt drink~

After that, we walked toward the Imperial Palace to catch these beautiful ginko trees.

There was even a couple there shooting their wedding pictures.

Mish, very happily photobombing!

Nature is amazing~

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