Monday, February 20, 2017

Soranoiro & early snow

Dinner with Moon at my fav. vegetable ramen place

Moon didn't order the veg ramen and ordered a pork based one instead.

My favourite....with yuzu spice~!!! Love this~ I always empty the bowl! This time I got the normal noodles and while the texture is still different from normal ramen noodles, it has a better texture than the one I ordered previously.

It was set to know that day.....The earliest snow Tokyo has seen in 54 years, on 24/11/16.

What a surprise it was to see snow when I opened by door the next morning. While the snow did not settle, it was an exciting scene for a tropical girl like me.

And because it was sooo cold that night, I had pizza for dinner~!! My convenient frozen 4 cheese pizza on a cold night. :)

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