Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Steamboat with colleagues

Steamboat is the best on a cold in November,

We had the xiao fei yang steamboat at a colleague's place and it was nice. Hot food in a warm room, as we chat away~

Unfortunately, the food was not enough for the 3 of us because we're such big eaters.....2 of us decided to order pizza~!!!

We ordered 2 medium pizza that came in 4 flavours each to be shared among the 2 of us. My first time having pizza hut in Japan and it was delicious because they have flavours that I've never heard nor tasted before.

My colleague and I exchanged 4 pizzas so that we each got a piece of all the 8 flavours and it was great because I got to try 8 different flavours. 

To be honest, all of them are good while I did enjoy the seafood ones more.

There were left-over pizzas, so I ate the rest for breakfast and lunch the next day.

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