Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sukiyaki & Roppongi Xmas Illuminations

Dinner at Onikunosemmontensugimoto (お肉の専門店 スギモト 東京ミッドタウン店).

Mish & I both ordered the sukiyaki set, priced at 3000yen.

My first sukiyaki set and it was delicious~!!!

Wefie with our food~

Look at the beautiful marbling on the beef~ <3

After dinner, we went for the Xmas illumination

We're both crazy and I'm so thankful to Mish for doing it with me because it was cold and it was raining!

Love the lighted paths, really good for a date night on a day with a good weather

I was here in Spring with S for sakura which were lighted pink back then and now it's all blue. Just goes to show nothing is stagnant and everything can turn a 180 degree on you.

The blue was really pretty and I will definitely be back again in Spring!

If only it wasn't raining....

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the illumination

After that I bought some pastries from Maison Kayser but lunch the next day~

The croissant was good....if only, I could heat it up in an oven before having it. I especially like this pretzel looking thing at the bottom~

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