Sunday, March 12, 2017

Balik Kampung via Narita Airport

121116 - Balik Kamung~

Arrived at the airport early and had loads of time left before boarding so I stopped by at a takoyaki shop for dinner.

Cute Xmas deco at that time.

It was interesting to note the Malaysia banners around the airport, especially since I'm flying back after 10 months in Tokyo.

I wonder if Malaysia is a very popular holiday destination for Japanese as it seems like there were more banners for Malaysia, than other countries.


It was a night flight. Once up in the air, I got served refreshments.

My washoku dinner was so-so.....I should try the western meal the next time.

This is my breakfast at about 3am. The served either onigiri or sandwich. Since I have had lots of onigiri in Japan, I picked sandwich.

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