Monday, March 6, 2017

Eating Japan - Frozen food series 2

1. Aeon Corn Kernels

I absolutely love these because they're super convenient. I add them to my fried rice and to my macaroni, as weird as that sounds.

The corns are sweet on their own and does not require any seasoning.

2. Nichirei Prawn Pilaf

While this is convenient for days when I'm lazy to cook, I didn't enjoy the taste. So I won't be buying this again.

3. Nichirei Pumpkin Gratin

This is sooooo good~

I love the pumpkin flavoured sauce and the pieces of pumpkin in this~! So delicious~!!!

4. Soup gyoza

This once comes with soup so you don't have to prepare your own. While it's good, I prefer the pan fried ones.

5. Osaka Osho gyoza

Delicious~ This is the most amazing pack I've tried yet! 

That's because it doesn't require any water or oil, and you still get the wings~

6. Meiji Quattro formaggi

These frozen pizzas are super good for lazy nights, especially when it's cold. You don't have to worry about the toaster oven heating up your room and you get a quick, hot meal.

While the flavour for this is food, I prefer thinner crust ones.

7. Nichirei Margherita Pizza

Another good and classic flavour. You can never go wrong with Margherita flavour.

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