Monday, March 20, 2017

Eating Japan - Snack series 11

1. Family Mart Caramel Corn

Teiban.....can never go wrong with this.

2. Calbee Osatsu snack

This reminds me of keropok. The kind that mummy makes.....because mum makes them with japanese potato too. The only difference is that this is the purple kind. Lightm fluffy and crispy.

3. Mentai flavoured snack

Can't stop buying this everytime I walk into the convenient store!

4. Organic chestnut

Spotted this once in Lawson and bought this to try.....soooo good~!!!!

5. Meji Premium galbo

Probably one of my favourite chocolate~ <3 

6. Pocky Almond Crush

This has been Dad and my favourite since I was in middle school~ We spend so much money on this snack!

7. Pocky Fuyu no kuchidoke

Best winter snack~ because it will never melt in the cold weather and the chocolate is not the hard kind but the soft and melt in your mouth kind.... <3

8. Kunomitsu kinako senbei snack

I've always loved this combination on ice cream and thought that I give the senbei a try. No regrets, really good!

9. Nestle Kitkat Pumpkin Pudding

I've always wondered what this would taste like and I've got to say I prefer the otona kit kat more,

The packaging is really cute though. Another reason why I bought this was because this could be baked and I've always wanted to try a baked kit kat but I am yet to try baking it.

10. Pringles Mushroom soup

Unfortunately, this has got to be the weirdest Pringles I've had. At first, I thought it tasted like vomit hahaha......

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