Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Food I've been mising

First meal back home and it's bah kut teh~!!!

It feels really good to taste this again after 10 months! It's such a hearty comfort food! <3

A familiar sight~

First day back home and I'm already craving for all the delicious tropical fruits that I've been missing out on in Japan. The amount of fruits I eat in a month in Malaysia is equivalent to what I've had in 10 months in Japan.

Salted-egg crab which mummy tapao-ed for me~ :D 
Another thing which I missed a lot! I love crabs and you just can't get this easily in Tokyo....

Then of course, I miss mummy's home cooked food! All of which I cannot replicate in Tokyo.
This here is fried dumplings with my favourite shrimp in them! <3 
Home-cooked food is the BEST!!! :D

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