Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nagasaki gotouchi sakaba at Nihombashi

Walked out from Bellesalle Nihombashi to this cute illumination.

It's my mission to snap a pic of pretty Xmas trees~

Met up with some friends for dinner that day and we went to a gotouchi sakaba from Nagasaki.


Nagasaki paripari salad 790 yen

Yummy crunchy salad~

A very special and interesting looking lemonade bottle, 490 yen. Luckily, it's not just looks and tastes good.

Ojika akahamachanpon 890 yen

Doesn't this look like a Malaysian dish? was sooo good! I like that it was slightly spicy. and that it's packed with veg an seafood! I will definitely be back for this!

Goukai kaisen sara udon 790yen

This too reminds me of a chinese dish in Malaysia. Packed with seafood and veg......super good! I think the next time I miss Malaysian food, I'll just come here! hahaha

No kidding, I was seriously super happy when I first saw and tasted the chanpon!

It's a nice place too as they have small rooms if you want a little, private space to chit-chat while enjoying food with your friends.

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