Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Omaya, Subang Jaya

Second Xmas dinner at Omaya in Subang Jaya.

This seems like a famous restaurant as there were long queues outside and my friend had to make a reservation prior to this dinner.

This here is the cotton candy drink,

This is the first time I had something like these. It's interesting to see so many compartments on one plate~

Yummy chicken with melted cheese. I think this is my fav dish here~

A hot pot inspired dish. This was ok....the first 2 dishes were more interesting.

With the peeps that I used to dance with~ It was nice to catch up.

As this restaurant goes on a fixed timing system, we had to leave immediately after our meal and moved on to another location for our gift exchange.

We shifted to Cafe Benne in Sunway pyramid for some bingsu and to exchange our Xmas gifts.

Enjoyed the choc one a lot better than the strawberry one.

Our secret santa gifts <3

After that we went for a movie too.....

A nice night for catching up after a long time.

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