Saturday, March 4, 2017

Shibuya 鳥貴族 & 青の洞窟

 Went for dinner with Kheng at 鳥貴族 (torikizoku) whereby every item on the menu costs 280 yen.

Our orange casis drinks and the daikon salad.


Chicken kamameshi which was simple and delicious

Fried chicken which was not very good

yakitori~ which were of course delicious

My favourite kuromitsu kinako ice cream~

After dinner, we went to check out 青の洞窟 (Ao no dokutsu).

It was beautiful~

I love the blue lights but it made me feel super cold~

I'm not sure if they have this every year. They have already taken down the lights on 9th of Jan.

It is always nice to catch up with an old friend~

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