Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shinmapo, SS15 Courtyard

First meeting with H back in Kl and we got into an accident at the Mall's parking lot.......what a day~

But at least we had good food at Shimapo in SS15 Courtyard and had a good time catching up.

So much has change in 10 months. Even the mall has been newly rennovated and changed name!

We ordered a set that came with BBQ meat and an army stew. It was interesting as I've never had a bbq that came with egg that cooked on the side of the grill.

After that we had desserts at Cafe Benne.....

Haven't had bingsoo in a long time too hahaha...

Two shot~

Malaysia seem to have caught on the baked cheese tart craze. I love BAKE here in Japan but the ones from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart was delicious too.

Tried both the original and the chocolate and I think I prefer the chocolate one due to the taste of cocoa.

When in Malaysia, you can get loads of yummy take out food such as this mee siam here.....yummy and cheap!

Then not forgetting I'm being fed by mummy too as I'm home now.....home-cooked green bean soup~

Dropped by to pass a gift to my ex-boss. Miss talking pass this view for lunch.

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