Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sushi Zanmai

Some people might say why would you still want to eat sushi, aren't you bored?

To be honest, I probably eat more sushi in Malaysia than when I was in Japan. I usually cook at home to save money because eating out is sooo expensive. Plus, it's not like I eat sushi every time when I eat out. Unless it's to  good sushi place, most of the time when I do have one, it's from a supermarket.

Also, I miss all these fancy ones that I can get in Malaysia. I love soft-shell crab maki! The soft-shell crab itself isn't very common in Japan and definitely not used in sushi rolls in this way.

Sashimi salad with the special zanmai dressing which is essentially the carrot dressing here~

I've missed you, tamago mentai and sakura ebi inari~

While I've eaten lot's of fresh fish here, I miss these fancy ones that's topped with mayonnaise too.

Fried ika geso

After dinner, I went with seawitch to Saint Marc which is a popular chain restaurant in Japan. 

We tried both their famous choco cro and their premium Chelsea choco cro. Both were delicious but I prefer the original one. This time when I'm back, I realised that many things that used to be only available in Japan were now available in Malaysia too.

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