Thursday, March 16, 2017

Xmas dinner in Sanook Thai Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

First gathering back with the girls and it's our annual Xmas party~!!

This year, we opted for Thai food at Sanook Thai Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid.


I love the fried calamari with the Thai sweet sauce.

Pad thai with lots of peanuts and chilli flakes! This was sooo good that we ordered another later.

My chamomile lavender tea~

It's nice to taste a god tom yum soup again after 10 months.....

Grilled prawns with cheese. Unfortunately, the prawns weren't very fresh and were mushy.

Tom yum fried rice which was good too but I prefer something with more "wok hei".

Our gifts.....some are souvenirs from our travels~

Group pic <3

It was nice catching up with the girls again after so long! The last time I met Tham, she was still pregnant and now she's back to her normal size again!

Seawitch just got engaged and Jas just graduated with her masters. It's amazing to see how much has changed in just 10 months. :)

Then back home, I have Fuuuuu Chukkk tong sui~ 
Balik kampung = weight gain

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