Friday, April 14, 2017

Banana Leaf Rice

First time meeting up with Tham's cute little baby boy~ <3 so handsome!!

More than 10 years ago, we were Uni mates and now so much have changed! I guess in the future, our 4 person dinner outings will have to be changed to 5.

Tham brought us to this place in KL that she frequents for banana leaf rice.

Here, I am trying to "tarik" or pull Tham's teh tarik for her....

Our briyani came looking like this. Look at the amount of rice!

I only took out a 1/3 of the portion onto the banana leaf here.

The food was super food. The briyani was super flavourful and the chicken was well cooked. All the side dishes were delicious too~!!

Good food + good friends = best thing in the world~!

Additional order of cottage cheese which I didn't really enjoy because I didn't like the texture.

Small tiny little roti tissue~

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