Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Canton-i, Gardens

Had brunch at Canton-i with a friend.

I was really happy to have GOOD dim sum again~

Fried carrot cake~!!! Nom nom nom

Char siew bao.....which nikuman is very common in Japan, I've not had one in this 10 months. But, nothing beats a char siew bao~

Salted egg yolk custard bun~ the best steamed bun in the world!!! Highly recommended! I love the ones from Canton-i because of the beautiful purple and white swirls!

Siu mai~

Cute little red bean buns.......or should I say cute little pigs!

Dim sum aside, CURLY FRIES! :D These curly fries come out near CNY every year and I enjoy them because they're crunchy and curly :D

Other than all the yummy goodies I've been having outside, I also get mummy's delicious home cooked food. <3

My favourite prawns <3  Big tiger prawns <3

Steamed fish with a spicy chilli sauce on top~ <3 I love seafood but I seldom have them in Japan, except for in sushi.

And I got red bean soup with dango too on Dong Zhi or Winter Solstice, a festival that coincides with the Japanese one In Japan, it is said that if you take a Yuzu bath on this day, you will not catch a cold.

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