Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cousin's day out

Finally a cousin's day out!

YL and I went to the Gardens for Nyonya food at Nyonya Colours.

These here are fried cucur~ Love these while I was in college.

A wide variety of nyonya kuih~

Which to choose?

My order of nasi pulut~


Finally.....ASAM LAKSA~!!!! sweet, sour, spicy, umami........ALL IN ONE! :DDD

Sooo good~!!! I love that they gave har go too.

Mak Chuk dessert~ kinda sweet but still good, nom nom nom....

NASI LEMAK~!!! Miss this soooo much~!!! :D

I miss the fragrant santan rice with sambal, ikan bilis and rendang chicken.

After that, we went for desserts at cousin's friend's place and ordered this yuzu chocolate cake and another coconut dessert.

While the flavour was interesting, I didn't really enjoy the consistency of the chocolate cream on top. But the base at the bottom was really good! Meanwhile, the coconut dessert.....that's sherbet or whatever it is on top was too hard! We had to poke it really hard with the fork before we could cut it!

The beautiful choux pastry were free for YL and they were delicious. I especially like the green tea one.

On the way back, we passed by this cake shop that sell cakes that look like a whole durian fruit!

Lol......doesn't it look like the real thing? I wonder how's the taste.

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