Sunday, April 2, 2017

Eating Japan - Ice cream series 9

1. Häagen-Dazs maple custard cookie

Love this flavour because of the maple flavour and crunchy cookie bits~

2. Akagi Mikan

Bought this on a night when it was drizzling but I really wanted to cool off and it was a long walk back home late at night. So what did I do? Eat 2 bars on the way home while holding an umbrella~ Perfect end to a hot summer night.

3. Häagen-Dazs murasaki imo

Love yam ice cream~ Nostalgia~ I miss the magnolia one that Mum's friends used to bring back from the Philipines......those were soooo good! I've always enjoyed the yam and mango flavoured ones.

4. Almond ice cream

Almond milk ice cream bar that's coated with chocolate and crushed almonds......yummy~!!

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