Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Eating Japan - Snack series 12

1. Family Mart Chocolate peanuts

Always a great snack!

2. Assorted chocolate pack

I bought this assorted pack along with several packs of dark kit kat for my students and colleagues. My students wanted to bring chocolates to school for Halloween and I thought that I'd bring some for them too.

Here's what I got from them ;D

3. Aeon assorted fruits candy

I love hard candy because I enjoy chewing on them. So this pack here is for me to chew on at work when I'm marking.

4. Calbee Osatsu snack

Sweet potato snacks like these are the best. Reminds me keropok hahaha.....light and crispy.

5. Souvenirs from Taiwan

Got this from a friend who just went back to Taiwan recently. I absolutely love the Milano almond thousand layers as it was light, flaky and crispy. 

The crunchoco was good too but I prefered the Milano one.

6. Family Mart Ikafurai

A colleague of mine was obsessed with ikafurai and was buying them almost everyday at that time so I got influenced by her and bought one from family mart to try. It was good and very crunchy but I also assumed that it's loaded with salt and msg.

7. Glico Pocky chocolate midi

One can never go wrong with Pocky. I don't believe that they have a bad flavour/ product. Every product from them if top notch and this is the same.

I enjoyed the thick chocolate coating on the biscuit. It's not just the biscuit that's good, their chocolate is always of good quality too.

8. Goshoku

Bought this just because it was labelled as a healthy snack. I assumed that it was labelled as healthy because it was basically just dried squid and has low calories. To be honest, I won't be buying this again as it is not yummy. It has a tough texture too.

9. C1000 morning meal

Japan is high on morning meals like these for busy mornings. This one here has a lemon yoghurt flavour and hence is very refreshing. Really good for summer.

10. Chocola BB Sparkling

Decided to buy this one day when I was browsing through the health drinks section, just to try it out. I've always wondered why is it labelled for beauty when it only contains mostly Vitamin B and C. While I'm not sure of it's beauty enchancing properties, I'm very sure that it works like red bull because this drink is high in sugar

11. Natural Lawson Purple smoothie

Natural Lawson's purple smoothie with maqui berry. In Japan, when you wanna treat yourself to a nice sweet drink, you can opt for 'healthier' versions like this. To be honest, I don't know how much healthier they are compared to a normal bottle of fruit juice since they all have sugars in them. But still, it is a nice way to cheat myself into believing that this is healthy and good for me.

12. Family Mart green bean snack

Here's another way of me lying to myself that I'm having a healthy snack. I mean.....this is made of green beans! It's green, it's supposed to be healthy!

Not really.

13. Topvalu thick cut chips in sour cream and onion flavour

Sour cream and onion flavoured chips are actually pretty rare in Japan. I was kind of excited to see this flavour actually as it's something that I have not had in a long time and it's yummy.

14. Lawson umaibo -mentai flavour

Umaibo in another packaging. Every convenient store seem to have their own packaging and they're all good. Well, it's basically the same thing inside anyways.

15. Rosenheim cookies

I received this book of cookies from a colleague who gave them to me as a thank you gift for the help that I have offered her. It was really sweet of her as I was not expecting anything in return.

There were 2 different biscuits in the box and they were all individually packed, which was a good thing. Since they were individually packed, they remained fresh and are convenient as snacks at work.

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