Thursday, April 27, 2017

Family dinner

Mummy and daddy loves fresh coconut water and also buys them from a shop near our house. As for me, I only like the flesh. Lucky for me, there's no one to fight for them with dad always keeps them for me like these! heehee...

That night we went for family dinner with 2 of my aunts at a seafood restaurant.

We ordered loads of seafood dishes that you cannot get in Japan! Curry fish head, spicy lala, salted egg yolk crab, spicy and sour crab.

Aaa......the curry fish head went so well with my rice. I'd pick this any time over butter chicken. Plus that lala......nom nom <3

Love salted egg yolk stuffs like this crab here. While the taste is good, the crabs are not as big as those from Green View.

Crabs cooked in sauce are good because then you can order some fried man tao to go with them! Osusume desu~

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