Friday, April 28, 2017

GO Noodle house & Sangkaya, Sunway Pyramid

Mum cooked the chinese version of jap chae for lunch with the korean noodles. Yummy :)

Beautiful CNY deco at Sunway Pyramid

Looks like an old Chinese street.

Met up with the girls for dinner at Go Noodle house that night.

We ordered two bowls of fried bean curd to be shared among us.

Jas opted for the spicy soup with mealballs while seawitch ordered the non-spicy one.

I prefer seafood and hence ordered the fish paste mee siam soup.
The noodles were delicious and so were the fish pastes.
I first visited this shop in Jaya One 3 years ago and I can't believe how big it has grown in such a short time. There's one in almost every big shopping mall.

After dinner, we went to Sangkaya for dessert. I was surprised that they now have several variations to their original coconut ice cream - green tea and a thai tea version. As usual, you can top it with nuts, corn flakes or roasted coconut flakes. Oishii~

The girls and I


After that, I went for supper with the gang at a new mamak around the area.

Roti canai with dhal and curry....I was kinda sad that the roti canai was not the crispy kind.

The others all ordered a maggi mee goreng.

Ice kacang that's so good, we ordered two! As we didn't want any ice cream on top, the abang was nice enough to give us extra peanuts.

Then as D came all the way from Seremban, he was nice enough to bring us some Siew Bao :D

Blessed to have all these friends to keep me company :)

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