Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jin Xuan dim sum with family

Possibly my favourite weekend activity, dim sum with family members~

Here at my fav. dim sum place - Jin Xan.

I prefer the fried or baked dim sum to the steam ones. Egg tart, fried fish balls, prawn rolls and char siew sou. :D Nom nom nom....

Of course, we have the steamed ones too......various kinds of steam fish or prawn pastes, meat rolls, buns and dumplings.

The highlight for was definitely this salted egg yolk, scallop and prawn roll! <3

Wefie with the family <3 :D

After brunch, I went home for a bowl of green bean soup and waited for cousin to finish Dharma class so that we can go for.....

.....more desserts! 
Waffle with earl grey and chocolate ice cream at Inside scoop.

Super good, really love the waffles and ice cream at Inside scoop!

For dinner, we went to Sushi Zanmai for some sushi. I feel like visiting Sushi Zanmai is like a routine for us. Every time when cousin comes back to KL for a visit, we go for sushi.

Some chuka wakame and hotate to start with~

Then some sushi......

I miss how pretty and fancy sushi could be

And one more tamago sushi for myself because I was hungry hahaha

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