Monday, April 10, 2017

KyoChon, Sunway Pyramid

Met up with my ex-lab mates at KyoChon to catch up.

C was nice enough to give me a ride from my house and she even brought some home-made goodies for us.

First time at KyoChon and I'm really excited to try their fried chicken because I've heard so many good reviews.

We ordered 2 dishes at first and really liked the flavour of the honey garlic wings, so we ordered another place of drumstick in that flavour.

The huge drumsticks!

The chicken are well fried as they were really crunchy and I love the honey garlic flavour! However, unfortunately......I got a sore-throat right after this meal, which lasted for about 3 weeks! :(

So happy to catch up with these 2 lovely girls who are getting married this year. They too like me have ventured away from research into teaching for now. 

Back home, I got mummy's home cooked lotus root soup <3 Love this so that I have a slow cooker, I've always thought of making this myelf too. But lotus root are sooo expensive here and they're the kind of stir-frying, not for soup. Also I have no dried scallops or squids to add on to the flavour.

Cute little Star Wars model at Sunway Pyramid

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