Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Malaysian food....

Mum's childhood friend came to visit. So we met up with her at Canton-i for brunch.

Herbal drink~

Char Siew & Siew Yoke noodle~

<3 Dad's favourite~!!! 

Polo Pao~ So happy to be getting these. I love the sweet top and sweet pork fillings!

Fried yam pastry

Fried foo chuk with prawn fillings! Love these with mayo~

Fried cruellers~

Love them~ on their own, with bah kut teh, or like this, wrapped in a thin rice wrap.

Tiny fried rolls with prawns

Ooo.....good dim sum makes me happy~!

After shopping around the mall, we went for cendol dessert! While this is not as good as the one from Ipoh, this will have to do for now. Next time, I will go to Ipoh for some!

Growing up in a country where all kinds of fruits are available all year round at a reasonable price, I really took good fruits for granted. Miss having the luxury of getting fresh juices such as this orange and passion fruit drink anytime I want. 

Plus, fresh and delicious mango!!! <3

Red dragon fruit! I prefer the red ones to the white ones and I have never seen the red ones here even though it's sooo common back home! It's so much sweeter than the white one and the colour is pretty.

I miss water cress too as they're not available here or if they are, I've not seen them. I miss this water cress soup. Now that I have a slow cooker, I wish that they sell this in the supermarket so that I can make some soup for myself.

Hokkien noodles from the hawker stall near m house. Miss the convenience of getting any street food favourites easily.

This here is a MUST try.....SS15 rojak~!! Super good! and the queue is also super long. Absolutely love the peanut sauce. 

Keropok as appetisers before a meal? While not the healthiest thing, it sure is fun to chew on while chatting with friends.

Another veg that's not available here, a mountain veg called cooked with belacan, but it's good like this too....spicy, sour and refreshing.

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