Monday, April 24, 2017


Met up with H at 1U to catch a bus to Genting. I arrived slightly earlier and decided to walk around for a bit. That's when I spotted their CNY deco that's not quite complete yet.

It's sad that I missed CNY this year but it was nice that I got to see some CNY deco in various malls.

I was lucky enough to be get a chance to ride on Genting's new cable car that just started operation a month ago. I love the change in scenery from the old cable cars. Then new one seemed a lot steeper and higher than the old one but also had nicer views.

Arrived at the hall, greeted everyone and ST san was nice enough to share his meal card with us so that we could get a free lunch. Hence, we went to a Chinese restaurant nearby and I ordered this kong fu chao.

We went back with some extra time so spare before the show. TH san asked me to help him draw things on these white envelopes that he got from the local stuff to fill them up with money for the staffs. So I figured that they must be otoshi-dama, Instead of ang pao, they were provided with envelopes. So I drew some Ultraman characters on them and wrote the words otoshi-dama in japanese.

While I watched only Part 2 of the show, it was still great because I remembered bits and pieces from the script that appeared in this show. The action stunts were great as usual and this time, the monster for the finale was really big! I like how the monster could actually grow in size! Very impressed!

After the show, we had some snacks before taking the cable car down. I got churros from the new mall in Genting and it was delicious~ Hot and crunchy.

While the churros was good, nothing beats Rotiboy!! hahaha.....mum and dad bought some for us when they came to pick us up! :D <3

Ureshii~!!! :)

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