Friday, May 26, 2017

Eating Japan - Snack series 13

1. Harry Potter cookie set

I was seriously tempted to buy this because I wanted the box to store things in my room.

It was expensive and I spent the last few thousand yen I had in my wallet on this here. I can't help it. You know you really want something when you keep walking to the same section of a store to check it out. So in the end, I know I had to buy it, I really wanted the box.

This box set here contains 4 different chocolate rice puff flavours - strawberry, milk, caramel and milk tea. I tried them and they were all good, especially the caramel one. 

2. Topvalu tortilla chips

I really like this tortilla chips from Topvalu, they're really good and would go so well with salsa. Unfortunately, I was only able to buy them this once time. I never saw them again........

3. Daiso select peeled roasted chestnut

Good chestnuts are available for a high price. When I saw these at Daiso, I was tempted to buy them because they're only 100 yen. Since it's written on the package that they're A grade, it can't be that bad right? 

While they're not as good as the more expensive ones, these were good too,

4. Family Mart's Cheese and fruit stick tart

Received this from a colleague and it was good. It's like a mini cheese tart.

5. Family Mart Mexican chips

These chips here are Tacos flavoured and they are well seasoned. They taste really good on their own. I like them because they are thick and crunchy.

6. Daiso select organic chestnut

I bought another pack to try because the previous one was good. This one here is organic and the chestnuts are a lot smaller in size.

7. Eisai BB Sparking

I decided to buy a pack of 6 and keep them at home for use whenever I need them. I figured based on my first purchase that this could be used as an energy booster. Hence, these will be kept as stock for days when I'm tired and not feeling well.

8. Kabaya chocolate pretzel

My cheap go to when I'm craving for Pocky. While these are slightly cheaper, they're good too. It's just that the chocolate is not as rich.

9. Calpis - Ichigo

My colleague chose this for me when we went to her place for steamboat one night. I guess they figured that I might like this since it is strawberry flavoured and yes, they were right.

10. Suntory Premium - blood orange

This was the other drink that my colleagues bought. They bought an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic drink for each person. It's my first time drinking this and while I don't usually drink alcohol, this was not bitter and is easy to drink.

11. Suntory Yogurina

I received this free drink at Yoyogi Park one day when I was walking by.  At first, I thought that this was mineral water, till I drank it and found out that it tasted like yoghurt. What a surprise that was! But so refreshing~

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