Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kura Sushi

Yh and I went for lunch at Kura Sushi in Shinagawa before heading to the Aquarium.

It was my first time at Kura sushi and even though it was already past 1pm, there were so many people queuing at the shop. Not to mention, there were those who have booked on line and arrived there when it was their time.

We waited for more than 30mins but we made it! Here are the first 5 plates of sushi that we had~

They not only have seafood on rice, they have yakiniku on rice too and they were surprisingly good.

The sushi were cheap at 100yen per plate for many of the plates.

We also found it fun because they had this gacha machine that we play with using the sushi plates. After every 5 plates, we get a chance at it. If we're lucky, we might get a prize. But unfortunately, we didn't manage to win anything.

Warabimochi and ice cream puff dessert~

Surprisingly good fried onion rings from a sushi store hahaa.....

Overall, it was good especially since the sushis were cheap.

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