Sunday, May 28, 2017

Luke's lobster

Second day of CNY~

Lunch with P at Luke's Lobster.

We queued for almost 30 mins for their famous lobster roll which was delicious but small.

As lunch was not filling enough, we decided to join the crowd behind to queue for gyozas at 餃子楼(gyozaro).

Hmmm.....good and cheap gyozas.

After that we went shopping around Omotesando and spotted this cute little section at Kiddy land. Hahaha......cute boxers for your boyfriend anyone?

For tea break, we stopped by Afternoon Tea for some desserts.

I ordered this strawberry french toast which was good but not enough to satisfy my appetite.

P went home after that and I went for my first dodge ball game. 

Look what I found in my post? A beautiful self-made new year card from YL.

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