Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Madam Kwan, Sunway Pyramid

Stayed at home in the morning and mummy made me bird's nest soup. Yummylicious~! :D *slurrrrrps*

No, I did not eat these lala here with the bird's nest. Mum cooked this for lunch because I love lalas......lalalala.

Then by evening, Jas came to pick me up and we went to Pyramid where she got her llaollao ice cream fix. Look at the amount of chocolate sauce on this!

Her very tired but satisfied face~! :D

After that, we went for dinner at Madam Kwan with seawitch. As I have no had any satay yet, I was craving for some and the girls were nice enough to let me order what I want to eat.

Madam Kwan's satay was surprisingly top-notch! The chicken was meaty and not with loads of chicken skin. The meat itself was very well marinated and hence tasted good on it's own even without the satay sauce. The satay sauce was hot and delicious too as the spice level was just right and it had lots of peanuts in it. The only down side to this dish is that the satay sauce provided was too little. It would be better if they had provided more sauce. 

The acar that came with the nasi lemak. While this is good too, I love mum's acar the best because of the sauce that mum makes.

NASI LEMAK~!!!! While I prefer rendang chicken, this curry chicken was plump, juicy and the curry sauce went well with everything on the plate. I also enjoyed the sambal on the side which was spicy.

Asam Laksa~!! Omg, who would've guess that the asam laksa here would be sooo good. It was super flavourful and SPICY!!!!  We separated this bowl here into 3 small bowls and I can't even finish the soup in my bowl because it was too spicy. But because the flavours were sooo good, I can't help it but to finish up the noodles and the fish. If only it wasn't that spicy, I could've finished the soup too.

I was really happy that the girls came out to meet me once more before I fly off.

The seawitch is getting married this year and as I'm away in Tokyo, I couldn't really help with anything. Also, because of the way my job is, I most probably couldn't even attend her wedding ceremony which is sad because I really wanted to be her bridesmaid having met both her and her partner before they started dating till today.

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