Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meet up with N sensei at Funabashi

I heard from H that N sensei has moved back to Japan. She was my longest sensei and I missed being in her classes. I contacted her to meet up and we decided to meet at Funbashi for lunch.

We went to this pasta restaurant in the station called Yomenya Goemon (洋麺屋 五右衛門).

I ordered a half-half pizza as I wanted to try 2 different flavours and I didn't expect the portions to be this big! Camembert cheese with crispy bacon carbonara pasta & Shrimp and avocado's genovese pasta. 

After that, we took a bus from the station to Lalaport Tokyo Bay to shop around for some clothes. Then we had tea at Krispy Kreme before heading back to the station.


Group shot with sensei and her 2 daughters~

I bought this Baked potato sweet from 博多屋 (Hakataya) at the station before heading home just because it was written that this was from a famous store on the banner. Lol~ but it was good.

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