Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sagamiko Part 1

Back in January, I went to Sagamiko Pleasure Resort with Mish. I saw that they were having this Winter Illumination thing and became really interested in it because I love illuminations.

Hello there Mr. Snowman~!

We booked a night stay at their log cabin which included an all day free pass to the Pleasure Resort for 11,000 yen.

Without the free-pass, one would need to pay for every ride individually and that would've been quite costly. 

This cable chair ride was super scary for me because there is not safety belts or anything and it doesn't stop. You have to step on the platform and wait for the chair to come from behind before sitting on it and the you're off!

On top of the hill is this huge old-fashioned ferris wheel.

There are also cute ltitle ridespecially like these for the kids. 

The view from the ferris wheel was amazing. I particularly enjoyed the view of the lakes or dams.

We were really lucky that the weather was good that day too.

I feel that ferris wheel always make a good ride for couples. 

Just can't get enough of this view. 

The beautiful lake〜

Sagamiko itself was already a lot colder than Tokyo

..and being this high up, the wind was super strong and hence makes it feel much colder. 

When the wind blows, the ferries wheel shakes slightly. *scary*

For lunch, we went to this Wild Dining food court area near the entrance. 

We ordered 2 dishes to be shared- hamburger with rice and a margarita pizza. 

Not sure if it was because it was really cold and we're hungry, but the hamburger with rice was really good.  So was the pizza, which we topped with lots of parmesan cheese.

After that we explored around the park. 

There were many mazes scattered all around the park and I really enjoyed finding the exit. 

This one here was kinda confusing. There we mirrors everywhere and fake doors here and there.  It took us quite some time to get out of this one. 

There was even an area to play with snow there.  You can rent a sledge or a float to slide down the snowy slope. 


I really wanted to try it as I've never tried it before but I just wasn't dressed right. I didn't have the proper gear to play with snow. Hopefully, the next time I return, I would have invested in some snow gear. 

After that we went for more mazes. This one here was complicated because it involved a mission on finding all the stamps. 

There were 2 courses in this maze, we challenged both and completed both of them. 

After that, we went on this huge obstacle course in the park that had about 40 courses. While it was fun, we didn't challenge all of them as we had our huge bags with us and we were in our thick winter clothing. 

It would probably be easier during summer when we're dressed in more comfortable clothings and do not have our big bags with us. 

Next, we went on an old fashioned go kart.

Unfortunately for Mish, I was the driver and I guess her face says it all. 

The free pass ticket was really worth it because we went several other rides that we didn't snap pictures of.  Just think of this as an old fashioned theme park with a small crowd and hence, short queues. 

Good for an old-fashioned date 😊

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