Monday, May 8, 2017

Sagamiko Part 2

Our log cabin accommodation at Sagamiko, which costs 11, 000 yen per person for a night. This price includes the one day free pass, bbq dinner and American style breakfast buffet. 

Our log cabin accommodates 4 and there are 2 sets of bunk beds like these. 

The entrance and the sink for brushing our teeth.

The toilet 

The path from our log cabin to the illumination area. 

This is the wild cooking dining area for the campers. 

We opted for early dinner so that we can enjoy the illuminations and onsen later that night. 

As it was January, the sky gets dark early. 

No bbq, no life!

This is our bbq set for 2.

The dining hall that looks we were in.  Many families brought their own food for the bbq.

Happily bbqing 

The meat and veg portion was just nice for the 2 of us. 

Our bbq at came with a pot of soup and 2 cups of cooked rice in the rice cooker. That's too much rice for the 2 of us and we tried really hard to eat as much as we could so that we don't waste the rice but we still had about 1 cup left. 

It's really nice to get to enjoy a bbq dinner because the weather was super cold. All our food was soup, hot rice and hot meat! 

The down side is that it can get pretty smoky inside. 

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