Friday, May 12, 2017

Sagamiko & Shinjuku

Rise and shine!

Nice picture taken by Mish as she brave the cold weather. 
You can still see the moon!

And there's the sun!

American breakfast buffet

The buffet spread was not too bad as there were many things to chose from and there were toasters on the table for us to toast the bread provided.

I would really love to be back to try the different accommodations available here. 

This is the kind of camp I enjoy. One where you get some nature but not too much. 

I like nature but I also like clean toilets and dislike bugs.

Here, the balance is just nice. 

Artistic shot by Mish on our way back. 

At the station

We went to for lunch at The Original Pancake House, Lumine, Shinjuku. 

Chickencream & Cheese Dutch Baby at 1460 yen (before tax)

It's safe to say that we will not be returning to this restaurant ever. 

We got tricked by the beautiful fake food displays outside and the long queue. 

Felt super jelak after the first one and we've got a second one!

The 3 ladies in the table next to us ordered the same and they couldn't finish it.

Apple Pancake at 1370 yen (before tax)

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