Monday, May 22, 2017

Shinagawa Aqua park

It was CNY~

YH and I decided to visit the Shinagawa Aqua Park because we both saw on facebook that they had a special theme called Snow Aquarium going on then.

Entrance fees - 1,350 yen

The Snow Aquarium theme was absolutely mesmerizing, especially the snow themed dolphin show. 

This aquarium is cheaper compared to the Enoshima Aquarium and also smaller.

Even so, they had some interesting elements, such as the interactive touch panel boards that were available when we first entered, to provide us with information where the fishes are from and their habitats.

Look at these cute little fishes in their fish tanks that had been decorated with Xmas themed items.


The beautiful section dedicated to jelly fish.

I feel that this is one of the most beautiful section in most aquariums that I have visited.

Stunningly beautiful~

I'm just floating around~


Hello there, my friend!

At the aquarium, we managed to catch the seal and penguin feeding show~
 A first for me and it was definitely interesting to see how smart they are.

There is also a huge glass tunnel where we get to enjoy viewing all sorts of fishing swimming above us. I particularly enjoyed looking at the stingrays.

There's this section where there were many tubes like these that were filled with fish skeletons. They looked pretty but I'm not sure these are natural of they've been treated with any chemicals to look this way.

An interesting looking fish.....looked almost like a piece of rock.

Doesn't he look happy?

As we entered the aquarium, there was a section where they took pictures for us for free and we'd receive a card like this with the picture on it. If we want a bigger version, we would have to pay for it, but we didn't want to buy one.

So this is all we got. It's still a good picture though.

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