Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ain Soph Soar Ikebukuro

I've wanted to try this place for quite some time now after watching you tube reviews about this place. 

I visited this restaurant one weekend with Pat and the food was disappointing for the both of us even though the reviews were so good. 

I ordered the pasta lunch which came with a soup and a salad, at 1,680 yen (before tax). The soup was ok but I didn't enjoy the salad. 

My pumpkin pasta which was plain. 

Pat ordered their waffle which didn't taste very good according to her. So it's safe to say that we don't be returning for a second visit. 

After lunch, we went to shop around Sunshine city and saw that the crepe stall there was having a promotion for crepes so we went to queue for some too. While the queue was long, it moved fairly quickly. 

My order of an apple custard crepe. 

After shopping around all the Disney themed and clothes shop, we grabbed dinner at 大阪王将.

We both got the gyoza which to me is one of my favourite here in Japan. 

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