Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dinner at an izakaya in Shimbashi

The famous SL waiting area~

Went for dinner with A san at this izakaya that serves morihoudai banya cauda at 980 yen. This allows us to fill the entire bucket up with as much veg as we like and pick a side of sauce on the side other than the banya cauda from the counter. The side sauce is refillable too. Every time we finish ours, we took a different one to try. There were various dressing like olive, caesar, honey mustard and banya cauda.

This is fatty bacon on mashed potato is the otooshi (お通し), a charged appetiser from the restaurant that we cannot refuse. This is pretty common in restaurants in Japan. It's something like the free peanuts served at chinese restaurant in Malaysia which they charge you a fee for.

Not complaining as this was yummy~

The salad counter.

As we arrived after 8pm, the salad counter was pretty empty by then but we still managed to fill our little bucket up!

Look at how much veg we took~

This here is an italian seafood dish I guess. I can't even remember the name now but I was really surprised to see an entire fish with head and tail as this is not that common in Japan. 

Overall, I enjoyed the taste of the broth, especially when paired with the garlic bread.

While we only had these 4 times, we were filled to the brim.

This here is an アップルリング (apple ring) from Cocofrans (ココフラン), which costs 180 yen. While I'm no fan of apple, this was delicious!

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