Friday, June 9, 2017

Island Cafe, Jiyugaoka

Went for lunch with Mish at Jiyugaoka on the Valentine's weekend at a small little shop called Island Cafe.

They serve Hawaiian style food.

I ordered the locomoco, which came with rice, topped with a handmade hamburger drizzled with gravy, sunny-side egg and macaroni salad (860 yen).

Mish had the spam plate, which consists of spam, chorizo, sunny-side egg ad potato salad (860 yen).

I really enjoyed my order as the hamburger was juicy and the gravy went well with the rice!

This restaurant also serves home-made coconut ice cream at 490 yen. And being Malaysians, we just could not resist!

I'm so glad that we each ordered one because it was amazing! I especially enjoyed the taste and texture of the coconut flakes in the ice cream.

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