Thursday, June 1, 2017

Izakaya near Waseda

At night, I followed Mish to Waseda to meet her uni mate at this Izakaya in Waseda that I've visited before back in 2013. 

So happy to be finally able to try this Japanese vegetable called fuki (菜蕗) aka butterbur. When they served it on the table, it reminded of this dish that I saw in the movie shokubutsuzukan. I asked the waiter to check with the chef the name of the vegetable and yes, it's fuki~! :D

The buta kimchi dish that I had last time.

2 different kinds of karaage

Miso nasu~ sooooo goooood~!

Fried chicken with egg and onions

We ordered several dishes to share like a typical Chinese restaurant~

There we bounced into this lady whom I think I met back in 2013. I remember her face as she shared her food with me just because I shared her table. Plus I had her picture.

When I showed it to Mish and her friends, they too think that the lady there and the lady in the picture could've been the same person.


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