Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kabukiza and lunch at Akakara, Ginza

I spotted this free event online about Kabuki and asked Kiu if she would be interested to join with me.

The event was held in Kabukiza, Ginza. It was the first time I had entered the building, having passed by it so many times before.

Once in the event hall, we noticed many props such as in these pictures for those who are interested.

The props were fun and there were other displays related kabuki there.

The beautiful robes used in Kabuki.

This is the kabuki actor who demonstrated to us how we should act when on stage.

It was helpful that they had a slide show presentation which explained to us what is Kabuki,

After the slide show presentation, we had some acting lessons with the sensei and one lucky participant got to try on a robe that was used in the play.

After the event, we went to grab late lunch at 赤から銀座店(Akakara Ginzaten).

We were lucky as they just opened at 3pm.

We both ordered a 8 pieces wing set that came in 2 flavours (Akakara and Nagoya style) for 780yen. Both the flavours were good but extremely salty! They should cut down on the salt. But overall, good texture and crunch to the fried chicken wings.

We shared an akakara flavoured shaka fried potato at 360yen. Spicy and crunchy!

My 4 kinds moriawase kushi set costs 780yen. Every thing was good except for the chicken skin. Didn't touch that!

We ordered a second butter shoyu flavoured shaka fried potato at 360yen because the first one was good.

I really enjoyed the butter shoyu flavour, not just on fried potatoes but on potato chips too.

Kiu ordered more items such as tamagoyaki and salad which I did not snap pictures of.

Overall, the food here is good and I like the fact that because we came at such an odd time, we were the only customers who were there.

Also, when we were about to pay, their cash register experienced some sort of malfunction and we couldn't pay for about 20mins, they offered us free drinks.

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