Monday, June 19, 2017

Koiwa Thai food at いなかむら (Inakamura)

My colleagues and I decided to go for Thai food one Friday evening after work. 

We went to いなかむら (Inakamura) at Koiwa which is apparently a pretty famous area for Thai food.


Walked past this cute little shop on the way.

We ordered several items to share at the restaurant.

Love the glass noodle salad. I only wish that it was spicier.

This stupid veg dish here costs 1000yen. Not worth the price paid.

Pad Thai which was ok........ I guess you can get much better ones in any Thai restaurant in Malaysia.

The overall interior of the restaurant.

Prawn cakes which were yummy~

Tom yum kung which was good but lacked the kick in the spice department.

Overall, the food is ok but the entire time when we were having our meal, the waiter who served us kept staring at us and so it was NOT comfortable at all. We couldn't wait to leave right after our meal.

Also because the portions were so small, we left and went to a nearby toriniku restaurant.

I ordered a daikon oden and my colleaugues ordered the shop's famous fried chicken to share.

The leng zhai waiter who cut up the chicken into portions.

A plate of toriniku to share~

Overall, the environment in this place is a lot more relaxing and we could enjoy our meal without someone eyeing us the entire meal.

After that, we decided to walk to Shin-koiwa station instead of taking the train. On the way back, we felt really thirst, probably because of the msg from the Thai food, we stopped by McD for some ice cream.

I had the sakura McFlurry which was good. I enjoyed the crunchy cookie bits with the ice cream.

Shin-koiwa seemed like an interesting place too. There are many shops by the station and a huge shopping alley. Would definitely love to go back to explore more.

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