Friday, June 23, 2017

世界の山ちゃん (Yamachan), Ueno

I've always wanted to visit 世界の山ちゃん (Yamachan), which is a famouc chain restaurant from Nagoya  ever since reading about it online years ago.

Finally, visited it for the first time with my colleague before winter ended.
Our drinks~

We both ordered their famous chicken wings, which were delicious!

This other kind of sauce coated wings was also good, but the top one was a lot better!

My fried shrimp~ hahaha......which was covered in shredded cabbage. This tastes good but looks kinda sad cause you can hardly see the prawn.

We were there right when they just opened for dinner time and there were already a queue. So be sure to make a booking before hand or go early if you plan to visit.

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