Monday, July 31, 2017

サンドッグイン神戸屋 八重洲店

While I was searching for places with good sandwiches online, I came across this restaurant called Sandog Inn (サンドッグイン神戸屋 八重洲店) near Tokyo station which serves all-you-can-eat bread at only 994 yen after tax.

Decided to try it one day with Mish. We were there at noon on a weekend and there was a really long queue outside. I think we queued for about 30mins.

As you can see, it's really worth your money . The set comes with soup of the day, drink of choice and a plate for your bread/ sandwiches.

First you pay at the counter and get your tray before heading to the bread counter.

As you can see the selection is not too bad. There are actually more choices but I only picked the ones that I want to eat and if they're good, I repeat my choice.

23 pieces of bread in total!

After lunch, we headed to Koishikawa Korakuen for sakura but apparently, that's what everyone in town had in mind!

The queue to enter had more than 500 people. This line here circled around the garden. We walked to to the end of the line and decided not to join the queue.

Instead we moved on to Chidorigafuchi.

Was just here the night before, but the day view was good too.

First time at Yasukuni Shrine~

This shrine always make the headline of news all around the world.

There was a festival going on there that day and hence there were many people.

Looks like sakura have bloomed here too.

As there were many people there, we left pretty quickly.

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