Monday, July 24, 2017

Eating Japan - Snack series 15

1. Kitkat Yam flavour

This was not bad actually as you can taste the yam in the chocolate coating.

2. Befco rice crackers

Love this pack because it came in 5 different flavours and I won't get bored of tasting the same taste everyday/

3. Nissin ginger candy

You can really taste the ginger in this candy, and there is a soft black sugar centre. However, I didn't like the overall flavour of this candy.

4. Kirin mamoru chikara no mizu

This is a really interesting product because it is water that has no sugar in it and is literally calorie free. However, it contains 乳製菌 (nyuuseikin) in it, which is technically bacteria, like those that are found in yoghurt.

5. Milk sable

Milk sable made from pasteurised milk from miyoshi mura. Yummy~

6. Family mart collection Mirin ikasenbei

Surprisingly as pretty good snack. It has a nice umami flavour to it!

7. Snyder's Pretzel pieces in Cheddar Cheese

Love this so much that I had to buy it again. I love the hard and crunchy texture of the pretzel, matched with the strong cheddar cheese flavour.

8. ITOEN Peach + Jasmine tea

Interesting combination but I like the fragrance.

9. Unknown brand cookies

These cookies here were given free from an event that I attended with my colleagues and they are soo good! Unfortunately, because it was a private event, there were no labels on the packaging.

10. Meiji Balance Lunch yoghurt

I first saw this from an instagram post of one of the youtubers that I follow and thought that this product looked interesting so I decided to try it for myself. It was nice because this bran of yoghurt is originally good. There were pieces of apples and prune in this.

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