Sunday, July 9, 2017

Kamakura Part 1

Travelled to Kamakura again~

Really enjoy the view of both the Enoden and from the Enoden~

I was there slightly early and decided to explore around the area by myself.

I walked past a cute little flower shop that sells pretty little cactus plants.

This seems to be the area where they would pick seaweed from the sea and dry them by hanging them up like clothes.

Also passed a shrine along the way.

I really enjoyed this little port area because there's a path for you to walk out into the sea.

The sea breeze feels nice and the sound of the waves have a calming effect on me.

Interesting way to get across~

That little island behind is the Enoshima island which I will visit one day in the near future!


Notice how cars and train share this road!

Soon, I met up with ST san and we went for lunch at this place that served delicious sashimi and seaweed tempura!

This here is the seaweed and nanohana tempura plate. It was the first time I've tried seaweed tempura and it was delicious~ The nanohana was slightly bitter and hence, I didn't like it.

My sashimi lunch set which also came with shirasu~!!!! HAPPY!!! :D

It feels like shirasu is a must try when visiting Kamakura, hahaha....not sure why.

After lunch, we headed to the Kamakura shrine where we spotted these pretty creatures.

So happens there was a botan (peony) festival!!! One of my favourite flowers~!!!! <3

I went on a snapping craze!

Look at how the protect the cute little huts made of hay.

The flowers were really pretty.

While most trees are still bare, the flowers really stood out.

The view was definitely different from when I was here back in summer.

The grand toori~

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