Saturday, July 1, 2017

McDonald's Sakura Set 2017 Teritama burger

This Sakura set was avaliable back in March.

I bought one last year and decided to have it again this year. I came here with K one day before annual day for lunch. 

I ordered the teritama set which came with the sakura fizzy drink, teritama burger and fries with sakura ebi flavoring. 

The little specks of sakura ebi on the fries were yummy. My favourite part of the meal is the burger. Pork patty in teriyaki sauce, topped with an egg! Yummylicious〜

After lunch, we headed back to the hall to rest for a while before the actual event. 

The event went smoothly. I was especially proud of my class's performance.

After cleaning up, I dropped by the supermarket and got myself some sushi because I was just too tired to cook. 

Convenient and good. 

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