Monday, July 17, 2017

Shizuoka Part 3

We took the cable car down to Kunō-zan Tōshō-gū (久能山東照宮).

Ropeway ticket price

Decorations for girl's day at the station.

Lovers can place a lock here~

The cable car

While waiting for out cable car we spotted a cute cat sleeping under the sun.

In the cable car...

The view~

This is the original burial place of the first Shōgun of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tokugawa Ieyasu. It is also the oldest of the Tōshō-gū shrines.

Taking a picture with the huge 'bucket' that they used to store water back in the days.

N had this miso konyaku which was supposed to be very good and a very popular dish there.

A collection of shots by K.

After visiting the shrine, we went down the other way, facing the sea. 

We saw that there were many strawberry farms from above and were really excited to go strawberry picking at one of the farms.

Uneven stars down...huge thanks to my colleagues for helping me get down.

Unfortunately, all the farms that we went to rejected us, citing reasons such as they don't operate in the afternoon or that there are no more strawberries. As we saw that many of the farms had many strawberries, we figured that they probably cater to tour buses.

While we were about to give up, we spotted an unmanned hut with strawberries for sale. We bought this huge box of strawberries for just 700yen~! While they're very ripe strawberries that were supposed to be used to make jams, it was better and nothing!

The strawberries were actually not bad. Some were huge and there were sweet. We tried out best to finish everything but there were just too many!

The beautiful sea view that we enjoyed while tasting the strawberries.

This was definitely a great, fun and crazy experience.

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